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Mon, Apr 28th - 7:49AM

Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
Cain and Abel
Arthur Custance was a proponent of the Gap theory, i.e. there was an immense interval between an initial creation and the creation of the Garden of Eden in about 4000 BC. In his Doorway Paper: Cain's Wife and the Penalty of Incest reconciles his belief that Adam and Eve were progenitors of the human race with the findings of modern genetics. His underlying belief is that:

The Bible is one Book, self-consistent, and most illuminating when it is most completely and wholly believed. It is safe to accept the whole, but not safe to pick and choose what one will accept and what one will reject. If we trust the record throughout, we are on safe ground and ultimately will find our faith vindicated.

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Tue, Apr 15th - 4:52PM

Without Form and Void

Without Form and Void by Arthur CustanceWhen first published in 1970, Without Form and Void was declared by its severest critic and opponent, a Hebrew scholar, to be the definitive work on the "Gap Theory," a theory originally known as the Restitution Theory, a re-creation of an original ordered creation which had become chaotic.

The book is an important work dealing with Origins from linguistic evidence. In it, Arthur Custance examines the meaning of the Hebrew words in the first two verses of Genesis, and describes how these words have been understood throughout the centuries. His alternative translation of Genesis 1:2 gives a picture of the earth, not as it came from the hand of God in creation, but after some intervening event had reduced it to a state of ruin. It allows a hiatus of unknown duration, a view held in earliest times, which can accommodate geological ages.

Pilkington & Sons of Pennsylvania, who reprint biblical and theological classics, are reprinting this book in a larger easy-to-read format.

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Tue, Apr 1st - 5:19PM

The Survival of the Un-Fit

In his paper The Survival of the Un-Fit Arthur Custance writes:

Man has done himself no great service by attempting to repaint the fabric of Nature in colours which make it more like a battle scene than a display of God's perfection. It can only be a matter of time, surely, before people will rebel against this distorted view of Nature and once more seek to rediscover the wisdom and power of God in creation. When this time comes, our greater knowledge of Nature will so enormously enhance our sense of wonder and delight that the famous Bridgewater Treatises will be rewritten to the even greater glory of God.

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