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Mon, Apr 28th - 5:23AM

How To Advertise In Newspapers Using Classified Ads
Ever wondered if a simple newspaper classified ad could help bring profits to your business?

It's amazing how often people will dismiss the idea simply on the judgement that newspapers are 'old school!'

These days, if you looking for a targeted advertising source with little to no competition in your market, newspapers are just what you are looking for. People who are reading the classifieds at the moment must be pretty depressed. There are no jobs going and possibly it will be that way for a while.

My hot HubPage - How To Advertise In Newspapers Using Classified Ads explores all the 'How To' information about Newspaper Classified Ads.

Promote & prosper - make it a beautiful day.


Shaye Richardson
Global Mentor & Marketing Coach

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Sat, Apr 19th - 7:42PM

Social Marketing & Bookmarking – Part 4
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Maybe you’ve been wondering why I have not written a single word about YouTube or MySpace? I mean why not? These are two of the biggest ‘players’ in the social marketing scene and yet until now they have not even rate a mention on the reverse funnel blog. The reason for that is simple, these babies deserve a post all to themselves!

Have a look at this traffic detailing the number of page views for each site over the last 12 months.

Staggering isn’t it. The tags ‘myspace’ and ‘youtube’ are both consistently in the top 200 searched meta’s on Widow

With such a massive amount of traffic hitting these sites every single day, it makes sense to create a profile to assist in attracting potential business partners and customers.

To truly achieve the results you want out of your social marketing efforts, you MUST incorporate MySpace and YouTube into your overall plan.

There is a few other important things to remember when on these sites ‘working’ your business. The first and most important is to remember that these are social sites and NOT marketing sites. Do not go ‘spamming’ by just posting blatant ads. You should always aim to add value, be helpful and informative. If you do just post ads you will more than likely have your account deleted and your IP banned.

IT SHOULD BE FUN. The point of being on these sites is to make friends and contacts, grow your network and let interested people come to you. So just get in there and enjoy the things you would normally be attracted to and BE YOURSELF.

The next bit of advice I have is....Schedule your time on these sites productively. It is very easy to get distracted and waste tons of time.

I have written more on this subject at Hubpages.

The “How To” of Social Network Marketing can be found at Hubpages at the link below...

A link to “The How To Hub” can be found on the Blog Roll link on the right hand sidebar where you can subscribe to the RSS feed for my Hubpages Hubs.

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Mon, Apr 14th - 4:16AM

Traffic Update
For those of you who are really interested in stats like me and lets face it, if you into internet marketing then you obviously have a respect for is a little tracking and traffic update for you.

The one article that I wrote  - "Four Fact's Every New Network...."  - a week ago has generate over 500 hits to my main website. After writing the article, I posted it to 8 top article sites, then waited for a couple to be live and posted it here. Not only have I had traffic, there is also more backlinks to my site and permanent links posted all over the net for potential prospects to find! Remember this is just one article. Have you used article marketing for your business?  How much traffic could you get from writing a couple of articles a week or month?

If you have any questions about article marketing please post them on the blog. I'd be happy to answer them or even do a series on article marketing if the interest is out there.

Shaye Richardson
Global Mentor

p.s part 4 of social marketing and bookmarking is still to come

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Mon, Apr 7th - 1:38AM

Four Facts Every New Network Marketer Must Know
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View my latest article, Four Facts Every New Network Marketer Must Know, by clicking here

As Featured on

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Wed, Apr 2nd - 9:07PM

Using eBay to Generate Free Leads for Your Business - update
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You may recall my post from February 2o, where I recommended a link to a report showing you how to use eBay to generate leads for your business? If you missed it, the report detailed how you can write simple “how to” eBooks/reports to sell on eBay to promote your business/opportunity.

Well you have probably heard recently that eBay has had a change in their policy with regard to e-books and digital delivery items.

From 31st March you can no longer sell e-books on eBay. While you can still sell these products via the classified ads on eBay you can no longer sell via auction.

Here is a link to the eBay announcement.

Do Not Panic! : )

Just remember that EBay is not the only site where you can sell e-books allowing you to build a list and generate leads to your business. You do have quite a few options. I have not personally tried selling my reports on other auction sites, but it stands to reason that you will be able to diversify this technique to other sites. Once I have done more research on this I’ll write another post letting you know my results.

Regardless, this change is a timely reminder that the online world is forever changing and with big players like eBay and Google changing the rules every couple of months, you need to diversify your traffic and lead generation techniques to avoid being ‘caught out’ in a situation such as this.

My advice would be to diversify your portfolio, and your deliverables to avoid your egg basket becoming empty overnight...

Promote and Prosper ; )

Shaye Richardson
~Inner Circle~ Global Mentor

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