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Thu, Apr 24th - 10:55AM

Hockey Jersey Sunday
St. Mark's-by-the-Lake Anglican
On April 8, for the 5th year, St. Mark's-by-the-Lake Anglican Church, St Clair Beach, Ontario in the Deanery of Essex held a service where the parishioners were encouraged to wear hockey jerseys. The tongue-in-cheek event, started as a little fun, has become a favorite of many in the church.

Hockey Jersey Service, TecumsehThere is a great variety of sweaters worn but because St Clair Beach is just east of Windsor and Detroit so close many come in Red Wings jerseys.

The church has a Wednesday and 2 Sunday services and the congregation is growing. The church building and attached parish hall is currently undergoing an $800,000 expansion that will add 7,000 sq ft of space.

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Thu, Apr 10th - 10:12AM

Canada's Anglican Prime Ministers

John Alexander Macdonald GraveOf Canada's 22 Prime Ministers, 9 have been Roman Catholic, 6 Anglican.

Canada's first Prime Minister, John Alexander Macdonald, was Anglican. He held the office from 1 July 1867 to 5 Nov 1873 and from 17 Oct 1878 until his death 6 June 1891. Macdonald had just won the election of 1891 when he had a stroke and died a week later of heart failure. He is buried in the Cataraqui Cemetery, in Kingston, Ontario.

The other Anglican Prime Ministers were John Abbott (1891-92), Charles Tupper (1896), Robert Borden (1911-20, raised Presbyterian, later Anglican), Richard B. Bennett (1930-35), Kim Campbell (1993).

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Thu, Apr 3rd - 9:02AM

Holy Trinity Anglican, Headingly, Manitoba

Holy Trinity Anglican, Headingly, ManitobaThe Parish of Headingly, Manitoba was established by the Reverend Griffith Owen Corbett in 1852. He was sent from England and named the parish after his sponsoring parish in Leeds. Rev Corbett visited England in 1857 to appear before a House of Commons select committee arguing for the populating of the area to protect it from possible annexation by the United States. Upon his return to Headingley, Corbett became very vocal in his opposition to the Hudson’s Bay Company and the existing government in the region. His views did not sit well with some of his parishioners. In December 1862, he was arrested for "having made repeated attempts to procure abortion, by instruments and otherwise, on the person of Maria Thomas, a girl in his service, whom he had seduced."

Corbett was jailed after interviews were conducted with the various parties and the community was split between supporters and critics. The trial in February 1863 lasted nine days and heard from 61 witnesses. Corbett was found guilty and sentenced to six months imprisonment. A group of Corbett's supporters broke him out of jail on April 20. The leader of this group, school-master for the Parish of St.James, was then arrested and he too was broken out of the jail at Fort Garry. Neither man was ever returned to jail and soon after Corbett left his family and his parish and returned to England to live.

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