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Fri, Apr 25th - 12:37PM

Personalize Your Greeting
Did you know you can personalize the greeting that appears at the top of every WebRing page? Instead of displaying "Welcome, userid," you can change it to any name you want. Doing so is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Open your My Account page from the menu at the top of every WebRing page.
  2. Click the Account Settings tab to open your account settings page.
  3. Scroll down to the Optional Fields section to find the "Greeting" field, then write your name, nickname or whatever you would like to see appear after the word "Welcome,".
After you click the "I agree. Change my info." button at the bottom of the page, you should see your greeting change. If not, simply refresh your browser.

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Thu, Apr 17th - 1:08PM

How Would You Revise the My Account Pages?
We're currently in the process of revising the look, feel and functions of the My Account pages. Our goal is to make the My Account page more intuitive to your needs. Admittedly, we are not mind readers and would like to know what changes you would like to see made.
  • What features or functions do you think need more prominence on the My Account pages?
  • What changes to the look and feel of the My Account page would make things less complicated for you?
This your chance to be heard. Let us know what changes would most benefit you!

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Tue, Apr 8th - 4:25PM

WebRing Supports... Your Voice
Since its launch, the WebRing newsletter has received a wide variety of feedback. In particular, the "WebRing Supports" section has garnered some interesting responses and reactions from members.

Our April newsletter has generated the most attention. We try to find charitable organizations that are aligned with the top "Awareness" drive of the month. With the hundreds of pet-oriented WebRing Communities, we thought that promoting the ASPCA's Prevent Animal Cruelty month was a sure-hit with members.

Now, we had a little snafu when we started to send out this month's newsletter. In the world of publishing, this is what is called the "errata" section. We forgot to include "Prevention" in the ASPCA's name. Before too many more of the emails were sent, we fixed the rather embarrasing mistake that made the organization sound like cruelty to animals was their modus operandum. Yet, this typo didn't raise any red flags for us. "Mistakes were made," as the bureaucratic saying goes.

It was an email that we received from a former member that has caused us to rethink our approach to the "WebRing Supports" section of the newsletter. The fellow is a trapper who finds the ASPCA's drive to make his line of work illegal objectionable. Understandably, he didn't want any involvement with any company that would align themselves with an organization that attacks his way of life, and he left.

We are sorry to see him go, and not just because we lost a member as a result; we lost one of many voices. You see, without a diversity of opinion and lifestyles, industries and arts, lifestyles and religions, WebRing loses out, the same way the world loses out when everything becomes rigidly standard and homogenous.

When we promote a particular charity in the newsletter, it is not our intention to convert you. We are merely offering up a way to contribute to something we think most members would find worthwhile. If you don't like what we're promoting, by all means, let us know; let your voice be heard. If you pack up and leave, no one will get to hear your views and possibly change their own perceptions based on what you have to say. You never know the impact you can have if you don't speak up.

Our Promise to You
In all future newsletters, we will provide a link to a post on this blog for you to provide direct feedback in regards to the organization we promote.

And to start things off, what do you think of our decision to promote the ASPCA's Prevent Animal Cruelty month? Leave your thoughts as a comment to this post.

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Tue, Apr 1st - 3:49PM

Use the Shoutbox to Process Submissions
The Scenario
You submitted your site to a WebRing Community, then you waited and waited and waited. Before you knew it, a couple weeks or more have passed without a word from the Community's manager. You check your account Membership page and see that your site is indeed still showing as pending. You contact the manager to check on your site's status. Again, you hear nothing from the Community manager.

Don't give up hope! Shout it out!

A Solution
Accessed from the WebRing homepage or your My Account page, the Shoutbox is a simple way to chat with the WebRing community at large.

If your site is still waiting to be processed after one week or longer, use the Shoutbox to ask for help. Simply enter the exact title of the WebRing Community into the shoutbox.

You never know; a member of that community might just see your cry for help and process your site. Also, you never know when someone on the WebRing staff may have their eye on the Shoutbox. If your site is on-topic for the community, we'll make sure to approve your submission.

A Request
We only ask that you give the Community manager a week to process your submission. Although there are more than a few absent managers, there are many more diligent managers who designate one day a week to process new submissions.

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