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    Ultimately, I think McCain is taking on Obama's challenge to make this a whole new kind of campaign. In choosing Palin, McCain is saying that he is willing to look past personal foibles.

    For the record, though, for the past several days, McCain has repeated over and over that he was well aware of all the aspects of Palin's past that you have cited.

    The one thing that truly gets me about what you write is in regards to Bristol. There are too many unknown factors involved in Bristol's life to jump to such conclusions as forced marriage. For all we know, she's been "deeply" in love with Levi since the first grade, and getting to marry him is a dream come true. She wouldn't be the first teen I've known who wanted to rush right into marriage.

    We also don't know if Bristol was forced to carry her child to term. Once again, this could have been her choice completely. Your post seems to force the idea that teens should always opt for an abortion. As a Pro-choice advocate, I feel this sentiment violates the spirit of the Pro-choice movement.

    Now, on the creationist front. Yeah, Palin's a god-fearing, bible-thumping woman for certain. In fact, most in the state of Alaska are. I was raised there, in Anchorage. That town has some streets that have a different church building every other block. It's insane. I haven't watched one single clip of Palin where she doesn't drop the "G" word. This bothers me immensely, when politicians use this rhetorical tactic. It presumes that we are all Christians.

    And the Alaskan Independence movement has been going on since the state joined the union. We referred to it as the Alaskan Secession movement, when I lived there, though. With how relatively little assistance and bullying that Alaskans receive from the Federal govt, secession is often discussed.

    And Palin's connections to the Alaskan Independence are only through being married to her husband, who was the member - not her.

    I won't say anymore on Palin. I don't support her. I don't support McCain, but I feel your posts are feeding into some pretty nasty rumors - namely, forced childbirth and marriage. Your energies would be more nobly served if you attacked Palin's flimsy and corporate-interest-serving policies.
    2008-09-04 08:28:47 Posted by roguewriter ()

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