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    I'm not a smoker, and I don't like smoking. However, I would not look at these statistics quite so glowingly because of these factors.

    For one, California tends to lead the nation in health trends. In general, Californians are much more concerned with their health than the rest of the country. Just consider that Organic standards are based on California standards, for example.

    Secondly, California's state medical program (Kaiser Medical) is possibly the best in all of the US. Kaiser offers serious assistance in helping smokers quit. Nicotine addiction is cited as one of the toughest addictions to beat, and requires serious medical help in many cases. It's never as simple as quitting cold turkey.

    Thirdly, cigarette taxes in California are among the highest in the nation. You mentioned something to this extent, but I thought it warranted mentioning.

    It's awesome that California's program has worked so well, but to believe that the program can be duplicated successfully in states across the nation doesn't recognize the cultural and financial factors that are surely instrumental in their success.

    In other words, just because it worked in California doesn't mean it will work in Illinois, Georgia or any other state for that matter.

    But, heck, they may as well try it out. What's it going to hurt? Maybe if the federal govt diverted some funds from their disastrous anti-marijuana ad campaign (which has had the exact opposite results) to states' anti-smoking campaigns the program might just work.
    2008-09-01 14:53:54 Posted by roguewriter ()

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