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    I read your post and agree on all fronts but one:

    "Why do prostitutes wear high heels? Because they want more respect and to be treated as a higher class."

    I think that the "higher class" aspect may come in, but I think that's only a small portion of what's going on.

    High heels are seen in one of two ways - professional or sexy. You discussed the professional aspect aptly. On the "sexy" front though, high heels, especially stilettos create a much leggier appearance.

    I believe you've written on the photo enhancements common in the fashion and advertising worlds, the tactics of using Photoshop to lengthen a woman's legs. High heels do this naturally, without photo tricks. (Even though I never understood certain men's penchant for legs. LOL)

    So leggier legs is one of the sexy aspects of high heels.

    Then there's the point of the toes. In terms of sexual signals, when a woman points her toes downward, it's a clear signal that she's aroused. High heels create this effect, and really high heels create this effect in buckets full. Back to why prostitutes wear high heels...

    Although some may wear high heels to appear classy, look at the many of street hookers who wear them. Their high heels might hint at class, but their outfits tend to send the opposite image.

    To summarize, I think prostitutes wear high heels to make themselves look leggier and to signal their readiness of sexual activities.
    2008-10-15 09:48:38 Posted by roguewriter ()

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