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    I have a question for the person who wrote 'Harper Hands Over Canada To The Opposition'. I was wondering why he/she said Harper was corrupt. All I saw in the article was Harper's incompetence at doing nothing. The incompetence has nothing to do with corruption just shows lack of brains and experience. (At least in my view point)
    2008-11-29 23:38:28 Posted by midnight_angel ()

    Evidently you haven't heard about the Tory "In and Out" scam. They've been using shady accounting practices to use public money for their party advertising. The party’s national headquarters transferred money to local riding associations, who, through pre-signed bank transfers, immediately transferred the money back as payments for campaign advertising and then got an income tax receipt for their "donation". Elections Canada has ruled that these ads expenses could not legitimately be claimed as expenses of the local candidates and the independent Commissioner of Elections is investigating whether this scheme allowed Stephen Harper's Conservatives to exceed national campaign spending limits by approximately $1 million. After the campaign, Conservative candidates who participated in the money transfers also attempted to claim taxpayer-financed refunds for 60 per cent of these national advertising costs, claiming they were "local" expenses.
    2008-11-30 10:16:02 Posted by Alex ()

    You are right I hadn't heard about Tory "In And Out" scam or shady accounting practices. Now, I understand why the word 'corrupt' was used in describing Harper. Thank you for answering.
    2008-11-30 20:55:10 Posted by midnight_angel ()

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