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    wat a misleading lead into those articles. this is not an epidemic its environementl problem. stop dumping toxic waste in peoples backyards already
    2008-11-07 08:43:39 Posted by Anonymous ()

    Its not toxic waste, its man-made chemicals in our food and drinks. Did you not read the articles?
    2008-11-07 08:47:02 Posted by Anonymous ()

    manmade chemicals ARE toxic waste did you not get my point? dr pepper contains the same chemical as antifreeze
    2008-11-08 15:33:46 Posted by Anonymous ()

    Antifreeze is made out of methanol and water. Dr Pepper does contain water, but not methanol. Evidently you don't have a clue what you are talking about.
    2008-11-08 15:36:21 Posted by Anonymous ()

    Soda is toxic, no matter how you cut it. Why do you think doctors, nutritionists, and dentists are so opposed to the stuff? And before you try to disclaim that soda and man-made chemicals aren't the same, consider this: Coca-Cola uses its syrup to clean their delivery truck engines. Is that something you think you should be consuming?
    2008-11-10 11:58:44 Posted by muckraker ()

    Coca-Cola contains acetic acid and sugar, and thats what cleans blood off the highway. Acetic acid is also found in oranges, apples, etc. It would be a waste of fruit to wash the blood off with oranges. Sure, that amount of sugar/acid isn't good for your teeth or your health, but there is a world of different between chemicals that are found in normal food and those found in say plastic coated M&Ms... the article is about PLASTICS and petrochemicals in food. You are way off topic.
    2008-11-10 12:58:29 Posted by Anonymous ()

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