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    Hi Charles (at least I think this is Charles based on the voice and subject matter),

    I think that when it comes to movies, especially movies like "The Mummy," discussions of accuracy are pretty ridiculous. The purpose of such films is not history; it's entertainment.

    Time has certainly shown improvements in accuracy of historical content, but it's hit even more than just the entertainment sector. Watch some National Geographic from the 70's. My family and I watched some stuff on Egypt circa 1976 and the knowledge presented was far from accurate according to today's knowledge on the subject.

    In the case of the Genghis Khan film, if it's done as a documentary and presenting inaccuracies, then shame on the producers. If it is a fictionalized account, then so what? I mean look at "King Arthur." That movie ticked me off as a Celtic-ite. The notion of King Arthur being a Roman soldier who brought Christianity to the British Isles goes against all my stronger Arthurian Romantic ways. (Ironically, the word "romance" actually has it's linguistic roots in the word "roman"). That, to me, was a case of "historical accuracy" gone awry.

    As for allowing comments, why not? It opens up discussions on the movie. It allows people from across the globe to come together in one space and discuss or debate those things they feel passionate about. Sure, there will be flaming, but doesn't something similar (although more sedate) occur in mixed groups of individuals who are conversing face-to-face?

    On to your movie wish list...
    Are you familiar with If not, you should check it out. I looked up the titles you listed and all of them have been made or are being made. You'll be glad to hear that 2010 will bring the release of "Knights of the Templar" and "Bran Mak Morn." The only one I didn't find was "Dragonlance" but I know for a fact that they have put out an animated version already.

    You might not be such a fan of imdb, as it works very similar to Wikipedia. But if you need info about movies, TV shows, video games, actors, directors, producers, etc., I've found the data very reliable.

    One last note about using Johnny Depp to portray Che Guevara, blech. Johnny's awesome, don't get me wrong. "Ed Wood" stands as my all-time favorite Depp movie. But, let's get someone more authentic looking to play Che, eh?

    Thanks for bringing up this discussion. I love movie batter banter.
    2008-05-31 11:47:40 Posted by roguewriter ()


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    Emily Shorette
    2008-05-31 13:42:39 Posted by emily shorette (

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