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    The greatest "upset" in the IWM Competition was simply the fact that after the countless hours POURED into preparing entries, they were not posted in the Voting Area for Rounds 4 or 5 due to an apparent glitch in the system (not recognizing PHP formatted pages).

    It is doubly unfortunate that even after this apparent "glitch" was resolved by the IWM Tech Team on the final 2 days of voting in Round 4, that no consideration was given to the effect this had on the overall standings in the competition.

    Only after I was assured by IWM Officials that all the "official judges" had yet to cast their votes and that there was still a chance for those of us who may have experienced this problem, and considering the difficult nature of administering a competition such as this, I reserved my judgement on this issue. But alas, only 1 judge bothered to vote in Round 4, subsequently upsetting the already unequal balance in voting, and inevitably knocking me out of my very hard-earned 2nd place rankings.

    Then came Round 5, and again... my massively time-consuming submission was not posted in the voting area on Day 1 of voting. Only after carefully considering what occured previously in Round 4, I no longer wished to waste my apparently un-valuable time and withdrew my submission.

    In short, and in my most humble of opinions, this competition has been extremely frustrating... to say the least. It was even more frustrating to see the Blog announcing all the latest news and congratulating 2nd-3rd place competitors for moving up the ranks in competition, but not any mention of those of us who had been knocked out of those rankings due to the technical issues.

    In closing, I would like to say thankyou to some of the other competitors for their kind words of encouragement throughout the competition. I would also like to congratulate and thank a few of the other competitors such as Cole Hafner and Cynthia Nord for their excellent work throughout the competition and best of luck in all their future endeavors. Additional respect goes to fcstudios for thier exceptional work. It was a definate pleasure competing with such caliber webwriters and I wish you all the best.

    D. Lochert - Arcworld
    2008-03-29 10:22:20 Posted by Arcworld (

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