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    How's this for synchronicity? My mother-in-law and her friend are in town for a visit. Both are the conservative christians you refer to. They were sitting here talking about how there is too much gay stuff on TV and how disgusting and wrong that is, how it doesn't belong on the air polluting kids' minds. I'm trying to ignore their bigotry and perusing the blogs here when I ran across your latest post. I told them about the news you reported and they were elated and said they wish they would do the same here in the US. Blech! I just rolled my eyes.
    2008-03-03 19:30:02 Posted by Anonymous ()

    See. Only conservatives would be happy when we get censored...

    It really is like we're becoming a fascist communist country sometimes...
    2008-03-03 19:38:23 Posted by Suzy ()

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