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    Ah, yes, the controversy of abortion. I completely agree with you - 100%

    I recently read an interesting take on feminism and abortion, though. I'm interested in your take on it. Here's the twist...

    As you know, many people in other countries have a practice of aborting girls in favor of boys. As a result, there is a growing gap in the female population. The thought is that the feminist pursuit of allowing/ promoting abortions is responsible for essentially decreasing the female population.

    I think this is pretty much poppycock, but I'm interested in Lilith eZine's take on the theory.
    2008-06-26 10:33:38 Posted by roguewriter ()

    Countries that have engaged in screening unborn babies for sex and developed higher ratios of males are already dealing with a problem as a result: A shortage of women of marriageable age.

    The problem is becoming more pronounced these days than ever and has created a very strong personals ad and matchmaking industry. While that may be good for "the love industry", the ugly, fat and/or socially inept people end up never marrying or producing children of their own (unless they manage to marry outside their race, religion or culture).

    So in theory it balances out in the end.

    As feminism grows in influence screening for sex should hopefully go down. Now if only we could put a stop to the baby-slave business in China where female babies are sold for cheap and male babies are highly valued.

    Will they ever make another Gattaca movie?
    2008-06-26 13:13:53 Posted by Charles and Suzanne ()

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