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    Firstly, I agree that there is nothing original about the story of Eragon. It is hack. I like your list of Star Wars IV comparisons...

    However, there's nothing original about Star Wars either. Compare that movie to any Epic stories dating back to oral traditions and you'll find nothing original about it.

    When my sons first starting reading Eragon, I drew a different comparison. It's a rip-off of the incredible "Dragonriders of Pern" series by the marvelous Anne McCaffrey. And Anne's not alone in having her story appropriated. Nope. Harry Potter was far too similar to Ursula K. LeGuin's "EarthSea Trilogy" to be considered original.

    So, yeah, Eragon's a total hack job. But, there's a much, much more incredible story behind "Eragon's" success that you might be able to relate to...

    Christopher Paolini wrote and self-published "Eragon" when he was only 15 years old. He did it all on his own, traveling from festival to expo to book fairs hawking his book. "Eragon" was a viral phenomenon. People read it and told their friends.

    Knopf Publishing didn't pick up the book until Chris had sold thousands of copies completely on his own, and all at the age of 15.

    I guess that I'm saying two things here:

    1. There are very, very few original stories these days. (I recommend "Be Kind Rewind" if you are looking for a highly original comedy on DVD, btw).

    2. The average reader chose to put "Eragon" on a pedestal, not the Main Stream Media (they just exploited the enthusiastic response to the book).
    2008-07-25 15:49:52 Posted by roguewriter ()

    Oh, and I think you should definitely rewrite the Bible. I'd buy it!
    2008-07-25 15:50:53 Posted by roguewriter ()

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