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    This post seems a little out of character for Lilith. Was there a greater message you meant to convey by posting this news?
    2008-07-25 10:20:41 Posted by roguewriter ()

    I always find it interesting when women choose to become suicide bombers. It adds a layer of depth to the conflict we westerners don't regularly see, making us realize that this is more complicated than originally thought.
    2008-07-25 10:45:32 Posted by Suzy ()

    Meaning that women suicide bombers are an exception?

    I'm pretty sure a large portion have been women. I guess that's why I asked why you posted it. I don't think there's any delusions, in the US at least, that women would choose to become suicide bombers.

    I'd like to see some statistics, and learn some of the stories of why any Muslim woman would choose to become a suicide bomber. Did she lose her children in a US-led assault? Was she abused by troops?

    Also, I know that Muslim males are told they will earn a high place in Heaven if they choose to be a suicide bomber. But what about the women, what are they promised?

    Just some food for thought. Thanks for replying to my comment, Suzy.
    2008-07-25 15:57:52 Posted by roguewriter ()

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