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    A Canadian who loves Wolverine? Go figger, eh Bub? LOL

    I used to collect the Wolverine series of comics. His angst was infectious, to say the least. That's what I love about Marvel. The characters have depth and aren't all flat like most of the heroes that DC offers. Superman? Please.

    I used to be a huge, huge fan of The Avengers. They were my gateway comic. (But, Spiderman was my all-time favorite). When I heard they were making a movie adaptation, I immediately wondered if they would eventually make "The Avengers Vs. X-Men." Maybe not, as X-3 had the mutants vs. humans aspect. But you talk about a "gray" storyline. You don't know exactly who to root for.

    I'm especially excited that they've decided to use She-Hulk. I sure hope they include The Wasp and Captain Marvel, too.

    To address the issue of the lack of female superheroes, that's because most of these comics were created in a time when patriarchy was still in a fairly uncontested time.

    Marvel has addressed this in their current adaptations. Just look at how they portrayed Invisible Woman in comparison to how she was portrayed in the original comics.

    And let's not forget Rogue, Storm, and Jean Gray. When I was collecting comics, most of my fellow fans put Rogue right up there next to Wolverine for favorite status.

    Back to She-Hulk, the image you provide of her is pretty interesting. She's so "feminine." That's not the She-Hulk I grew up with, at all. I can't help but feel this depiction of her strips her of her "power" and caters to men's baser pleasures. It's a terrific pic, but not doing her any service.

    I like your tribute to Wolverine, btw, Charles. Who did the song?
    2008-07-08 12:54:19 Posted by roguewriter ()

    The song is "Last Thing You Feel" by Lesli Wood.
    2008-07-08 13:21:36 Posted by Charles ()

    Oh, yeah! I forget to mention. It always makes me chuckle that Hugh Jackman gets cast in such tough guy roles. Did you know that his first love is acting and singing in musicals? Imagine Wolverine singing "Oklahoma."
    2008-07-08 14:28:19 Posted by roguewriter ()

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