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    Hmmm... I think you're exaggerating the situation here, Charles. All the risks you bring up (spamming and stalking) are par for the course anytime you join a site with a social aspect to it.

    In terms of Wikipedia, it's critical to "expose" each contributor - specifically for the criticisms that you present. I wrote quite a tome about this, and decided to post the full-length rebuttal on my blog instead. I invite you to come on over and add your own rebuttal via my comments.
    2008-07-06 13:23:25 Posted by roguewriter ()

    Having been stalked and harassed by an user myself, I have to wonder how many other people have encountered similar problems.
    2008-07-06 13:28:15 Posted by Charles ()

    That's lame that you've been harassed, Charles. Was it related to posts on feminism, by chance? The subject is highly polarized, with a lot of venom coming from both sides.
    2008-07-06 15:49:22 Posted by roguewriter ()

    Actually all I did was leave a comment on a discussion page for an artist. Didn't alter the actual page itself, just added a comment on the discussion page on whether he was actually noteworthy.

    The artist in question apparently has fabricated his popularity and notability, and now he's upset because his wiki page might get deleted.

    I think they should make a rule that only experienced users or employees can make new pages about people. Seems silly that any artist can suddenly claim to be famous, when it is quite obvious by a Google search that they're not.

    So yeah, he got upset by the comment and went out of his way to track me down and send me harassing emails and tried to bully me into removing my comments. I ended up having to complain to wikipedia about how he even got my email address, my name, etc in the first place. That info should be kept private by default.

    2008-07-06 16:53:25 Posted by Charles ()

    Oh, boy! That is a pretty nasty situation. Your act of leaving that comment, though, is exactly what makes Wikipedia so great in my opinion. You are someone who knows differently. Your comment challenged the information that was presented as fact.

    The artist was indeed out of line in harassing you. If he had more sense, he would have spent his energy trying to get others to provide positive comments that contradicted your own, some comments that would validate his legitimacy. His desperate attempts to get you to remove the comment only confirms his illegitimacy.

    I hope you saved the emails. I can understand Wikipedia's response in regard to not changing their privacy policy. You might not like it, but their policy is pretty clear. I am, however, quite interested in hearing how Wikipedia responded to the stalking situation. Did they say anything along the lines of taking stalking and harassment seriously, or offer you the consolation that they would look into the matter?
    2008-07-06 21:31:39 Posted by roguewriter ()

    They basically said that users harassing other users and exploiting the lack of privacy on Wikipedia was none of their business, unless someone actually went forward with a lawsuit.

    I figured public pressure would be a better route.
    2008-07-06 21:34:38 Posted by Charles ()

    This is definitely the best course of action. Have you considered setting up an online petition to make it easier for people to speak out? Or, perhaps you could include a form letter with the Wikipedia address.
    2008-07-07 10:12:24 Posted by roguewriter ()

    I am not in the habit of doing such things, so I'll leave that up to a person more experienced with such things. I'm certain I'm not the only person to encounter these kinds of problems on Wikipedia. I might post something on a couple facebook groups.
    2008-07-07 10:41:20 Posted by Charles ()

    2010-09-17 12:22:16 Posted by MODERATOR ()

    Don't spam people!

    If you need to advertise see our Advertising Opportunities!
    2011-04-18 06:05:39 Posted by MODERATOR ()

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