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    Great post. The networks are certainly sitting on the fence in regards to digitizing and making classic television shows available.

    I'm pretty sure that the networks' apprehension has moved from dismissing on-demand video as a trend, to waiting it out until the last minute so that they optimize the video for the most common format.

    Just look at how Blue-Ray and HD-DVDs are competing for the title of king of formats.

    Then there's the video that major networks have made available. They are trying to retain high-quality video, but at the cost of horrible playback. They just have not figured out how to make it work.

    My guess is that they're hiring old-school, over-priced consultants who claim to know how to implement the switch-over. They should be looking to current industry experts, like those from Hulu, Netflix, and Fancast, South Park, and Revision3.

    Oh, and as for those classic television shows that you listed. All of them are indeed available, and many for instant viewing, on Netflix. You can even purchase most of them on DVD through the service.

    If you've been looking for these titles at a bricks-and-mortar store, then yeah, you aren't likely to find them. It's all about inventory risk - you carry the titles MOST customers are likely to buy. Something tells me that "Airwolf" isn't high on most shoppers' lists.

    Have you ever considered opening a cult-tv/movie store? Might be worth a ponder.
    2008-07-05 13:03:44 Posted by roguewriter ()

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