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    What an excellent way to infuse promotional material into a fun storytelling format! Excellent blog, Monica and Patricia.
    2007-08-02 08:57:55 Posted by roguewriter ()

    It's really nice to know that those thoughtful products are available!
    2007-08-06 13:09:38 Posted by Eileen ()

    Those Pet Car Seats are great, My Dogs love to see where they are going, Its like they are afaid they are going to miss something.
    2007-09-11 04:49:57 Posted by Shure Pets Rep (

    Doggie carseats?!!! Where did you find those at? I want one. My dog's BIG though. I wonder if they make those in large sizes. Some of my classmates in my animal health tech classes at college might be very interested in that too. And the cooling mats - those sound nice too. Wish I'd had one of those when I had brought my little cat from the east coast out here (some yrs. ago). But maybe they weren't around then. I put the little guy in his litter box, which I had put on top of ice bags - it was hot at that time. Hotter back southeast than it ended up being here though. I enjoyed your story. Pls. let me know about those nice pet products. Bye!
    2007-09-27 14:44:00 Posted by princesssilverwolf (


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    2008-07-13 18:52:01 Posted by GG (

    Where can I get pet or dog custom t-shirts?
    2008-10-16 01:55:26 Posted by Mike ()

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