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    i did neither. didn't even remember to take my alli with breakfast (at least i don't remember remembering). i did sing though, briefly. will take alli with dinner, which i am about to eat: chicken/shrimp/onion/zucchini/garlic/cabbage stir fry (no noodles), cream of chicken soup (homemade with the bones from the stir-fry chicken -- i don't eat cream of anything from a can) and leftover salad from last night. too tired to heat up the bread i took out of the freezer (when i make a lot i freeze it). i DID make a dessert loosely based on something i saw on baking with julia tonight: i didn't measure anything but i put some bittersweet chocolate chips and some old, old bittersweet chocolate candy that was getting burned in the freezer (there wasn't much of it) in a big bowl, and then i boiled milk, cream and cappucino mix. i poured the boiling liquid over the chocolate to melt it and stuck the bowl in the fridge. i had some raw pie crust, store bought, so i cut it into eight wedges and baked it, then i smeared it with the now semi-firm chocolate mixture, and baked apple slices and put them between the wedges to make a pie crust fudge baked apple sandwich... well, four sandwiches, two for me and two for richard. that's dessert. it should be good but i have all this fudge left over. i am thinking of adding some ingredients to turn it into either cake batter or cookie dough, but not tonight. i promised i wouldn't bake much but this is my first baked dessert this year and it's almost the 11th! not bad, right? and i'll take another alli! i can take up to three a day but they're expensive and i don't usually eat three times a day.

    2011-01-10 21:14:20 Posted by genessa (addendum)

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