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    I find it most ironic that while the word "conservationist" is synonymous with preserving our natural resources, the word "conservative" almost always refers to unchecked development.
    2007-12-03 10:52:01 Posted by roguewriter ()

    Dear Suzanne: As a Jewish atheist, I couldn't agree with you more on the need for fundamentalists to lighten up and let people pray, worship, believe as they choose. Jesus's most fundamental message was KISS, keep it simple, stupid. Love is the common thread that binds all faiths, and if we practised that truth the world would be a better place. As for music, I also agree. I love hearing the holiday songs and don't care what the theme is. If you want something really inspirational, non-holiday, google Paul Potts Youtube, his operatic efforts on England Has talent Show. Very moving for all of us underdogs. PeterCZGLDD
    2007-12-15 05:03:53 Posted by Peter (

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