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    A big thumbs up to Heather Purdon for her article on Inuit Midwifery. Her voice is excellent, unbiased, and investigative. Her article comes off more as reporting than opinion or emotion based. Love it! This is quality writing. Lilith eZine, I hope you keep her on as a contributor for some time to come.

    Midwifery is slowly coming back in the US as well. More and more midwives hit the "market" every day. I personally know three. My youngest son was caught by a midwife. Many women no longer want to have their babies in hospitals. And with the incidences of Staph infection on the rise, is it any wonder?

    Having worked at a hospital as a phlebotomist, I know first hand how truly unhealthy those institutions are.

    In terms of the Inuit Midwives, I'm glad to see that some interest has been sparked in learning the practice. Having been raised in Alaska, I witnessed how a couple generations of Natives of all tribal groups turned their backs on their ancestry.

    Only now is a Native Pride movement taking a positive hold on the Native cultures in Alaska. Just in time for the youth to receive the knowledge of the elders before they pass on. I predict Midwifery will be a huge part of this cultural transfer.

    Once again, stellar article Heather!
    2008-08-26 10:13:08 Posted by roguewriter ()

    I appreciate you comments. The north is a wonderful place.
    2008-11-21 06:30:59 Posted by heather purdon ()

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