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    Okay, I'll bite...

    Q#1 - No, in fact almost all fashion ads are an automatic turn-off from the product being sold for me. All because it looks so phony and directive. Most models look pretty phony to me too. Why do they usually have to look so bellicose? What about some joie de vivre for once.

    Q#2 - Yes, models should have to get routine medical checkups. Pornstars do? LOL I applaud Spain for their relatively new rule that requires the industry to increase and relabel clothing's minimum "plus-size" and to require models to meet a specific, healthier weight requirement. All was done in the interest of promoting a healthier lifestyle to young women.

    Q#3 - Yes, but only if they continue to self-study, like child actors are required to do. The institution of high school is overrated and filled with asinine distractions anyway, like all the stupid "games" that run rampant in the high school social scene.

    Q#4 - Is there any other way to answer this question? I don't agree with the information shared on Pro-Ana sites, but I don't believe all Pro-Ana sites are designed to spread anorexia, but to create a space for those with anorexia to connect with others like themselves, for support. Anorexia is a technically a disease after all. Would I let my kids visit and read a Pro-Ana site? Only if they were researching the culture for a health report or something similar.

    Q#5 - Another heavily leading question, but no. The fashion industry is exactly that, an industry. Few industries care about their employees, unless that "commodity" is threatened. I think a better question would be: "Do you think the fashion industry really cares about the negative body image they project to their buying audience?"

    The image you included in this post is an excellent example of ads I skip over as pure fluff. When the art outdoes the product, the advertiser has failed. What in the world are they selling anyway? Gang rape?

    I'm predicting a paradigm shift in the fashion industry. Slowly but surely, the pendulum will swing back to the voluptuous, to curvy healthy looking women. After all, most women don't look like most models.

    I am curious how much the government sanctioned programs that aggressively address the issue of childhood obesity are helping to spur on further anorexia.

    Point in case: the Alaskan Native Services health group is heavily promoting a change in the eating habits of Native children.

    Many of these children eat a high percentage of game and fish and they tend to bulk out on even the healthiest diets. If you look at their ancestry, Alaskan Natives are naturally "big boned," it's in their DNA. For millennia, their diets have consisted of blubbers and oils. It's when they are introduced to sugars and booze that an actual problem occurs.

    If the Native kids are active and stuffing their faces on moose meat and salmon, are they really unhealthy? It's all about equivalent caloric intake/usage, not size.
    2008-08-18 10:13:54 Posted by roguewriter ()

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