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    We signed up for the do-not-call list her in the US, and it stopped calls from business solicitors. But, we still get calls from charitable organizations like the Special Olympics, the Volunteer Firefighters Association...

    I've wondered if they're exempt from the do-not-call list because their non-profits, but never looked into it.

    In a way, it's a heck of a lot easier to tell a credit card company "no" than to tell the National Breast Cancer Foundation "no."
    2008-08-05 09:22:28 Posted by roguewriter ()

    Yes, that's very true.

    But I think we can all appreciate our privacy these days and having a call from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) doesn't really encourage me to donate to them. If anything it gives them a bad reputation for being annoying.

    MADD is an interesting example, because they were recently caught in a controversy over how much they were spending on people gathering donations, and it turned out approx. 80% of donations were being paid to the people gathering them. Thats a pretty hefty commission.

    It brought out the question, if this is non-profit, why are these people getting paid so much?
    2008-08-05 10:14:51 Posted by Suzy ()

    Oh, boy! Yeah, my mom volunteered for the March of Dimes back in the mid-seventies. She said she stopped volunteering for them when she discovered that only one penny from every ten cents even went to research and support. The rest went into the fundraisers' pockets.

    I worked for the YMCA in my town for a few years, and had to leave because I grew quite upset that the top four "bosses" were getting paid huge salaries. In the meantime they consistently ran scholarship fundraising events (crying poor as they sat on a multi-million dollar surplus of funds), hiked their membership fees anytime another gym would go under, and kept longtime, low-level employees below a certain amount of hours so that they wouldn't qualify for benefits. By longtime, I mean 10+ years. And when it came to community, they would call the cops to take homeless people away when they would come in asking to use the showers.

    I have grown so cynical of organizations that claim to be "non-profit."
    2008-08-06 09:38:14 Posted by roguewriter ()

    You should check out the racket that is Christian organizations operating in Africa...

    They ask for donations over here, to be spent on children's food and education over there, but they pocket a huge chunk of the money and use the rest to re-educate children in the Christian way.

    And the silly thing is that they target communities that already have higher standards of living and literacy so that they can claim it was their doing. It costs them a lot less if they only have to convert them with Bible readings.
    2008-08-06 10:12:15 Posted by Suzy ()

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