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    I agree - eBooks are the wave of the future. Only, I would contend that eBooks are already making a huge impact. Internet marketers are ape for offering free eBooks on their sites as ways to get people to opt-in to their newsletters and email lists, but authors are slow to adapt.

    An Internet marketer's audience is inherently going to read stuff on a computer; it's what they do. But recreational readers, in general, are still too comfortable with paper books. Even though iPods have eBook capacities, depending on the model, it's still a challenge to read from them. There are actually lots of new technologies being developed that mimic the feel of a paper book, like readers with a few plasma based pages that the user can flip. These devices have a flex to them that you won't find in an iPod. It's just a matter of time.
    2008-04-21 11:30:36 Posted by roguewriter ()

    Thank you, roguewriter! What I contend is that Digital Editions have to continue to grow, and blossom quickly. A "huge impact" is good, yet even better is a huge *enough* impact to turn around the tremendous daily need for paper and paper products in the world.

    I like the idea of buffering technologies meeting the need for people to adapt slowly. I'm just hoping that these buffers will quickly succumb to the transition, much like 8-track tapes. Remember those?

    I know it's just a matter of time, as you say. I'm just hopeful that the time will be short and sweet! Internet marketing is still in a state of awesome flux. Marketing people and this as yet very new marketing medium are going through a fascinating period of mutual adaptation.

    I'm keeping hope alive that eBooks along with other digital media soon become indispensable enough to decrease the ever-growing need for paper. Books, magazines, newspapers and a growing number of burgeoning archives demand that Digital Editions take their place.

    Thank You Beyond Words,
    eBook eDen

    2008-04-25 00:36:12 Posted by Scotty ()

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    Thank you, Busby! Here's hoping the world can meet the challenge sooner than later!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    2008-11-06 21:48:45 Posted by Scotty (

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