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    Whoever taught you about the war want to get their facts right and not depend on stuff written by people who weren't even alive at the time.
    2007-05-02 15:01:14 Posted by ex WW2 survivor ()

    Whoever taught you about the war want to get their facts right and not depend on stuff written by people who weren't even alive at the time.
    2007-05-02 15:02:22 Posted by ex WW2 survivor ()

    And you have a manner with which to correct my statements, "ex WW2 survivor" ?

    I'd be happy to discuss this further with you.

    I'm not going to retract anything I wrote at this time, as I am not positive that 'experience' necessarily equals infallible information - though I am in no way minimizing the fact that you are a WW2 survivor.

    To my knowledge, it was some of the people who 'experienced' the war who precipitated and maintained the myth of the Kamikaze pilots - as my short article already said.
    2007-05-02 17:25:50 Posted by teeray ()

    2007-06-30 09:23:00 Posted by Bill (

    2007-07-26 12:25:57 Posted by John Doe (136b1ae21b1e8d21da2096e4246e0612)

    2007-07-30 16:39:56 Posted by John Doe (3fc02b4bcb50f7369a6b86ea9badb39f)


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    2008-07-13 19:28:53 Posted by FD (GAS@GAS.COM)

    Seems to me the main point of your site - outside of your displaying your abysmally complete historical ignorance of WW2 - is to 'pimp' your 'other site' which is nothing but a spam site.

    And you got approved for this webring? They must have been pretty hard up at the time.

    2009-05-07 22:36:50 Posted by Aloysius ()

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